Our aim is to open up aspects of listening and comparison,  to let you hear the difference,

decide what is right for you, to enrich your musical experience. 


Your Space

It is important  for us to understand your preferences, past experiences and equipment, your house/room acoustics, and how you intend to use the speakers in your home.  Its useful to  talk before we listen so that we can accommodate any specific requirements. 

Our Space

Audioform work from a contemporary  studio set in a lovely garden, a good place to relax, and acclimatised to taking time to listen. The building has two main listening spaces, one fairly large, more 'bright' and open plan, the other more 'damped' and representative of many small/medium living rooms. We are happy to set up equipment in either or both so comparisons can be made between differing spaces and systems.  

Listening Sessions

We give you time to listen, without interference,  although always available to advise/guide based on your preferences and musical requirements. It really is which product suits you and your tastes rather that which is the superior.  Setting up the speakers to showcase their true qualities is crucial.  We will take you through this as and when appropriate (see out service section below for more details) 

Source Equipment

We keep various pieces of equipment for use as sources with our active speakers (Auralic /Lindmann/ T+A / SME / Project/Roon Nucleus/Benchmark/RME) 

We also have amplification and quality passive speakers so comparisons can be made with the sound quality of active systems against the traditional format of audio separates.  You are welcome to bring with you any source item you may want to use. We use Roon to stream music over a wired network from silent SSD storage devices and from streaming services. 


 All are welcome to have access to all of our Vinyl / CD / SACD collection and of course to bring your own physical media.


Exemplary customer care and attention.  We do not expect you to expect less.   Our service level goes beyond that which is agreed in conjunction with the our partner manufacturers.  We invest and train in  product operation and performance so you have assurance and continued support.  


listening sessions.

Understanding your requirements. Please arrange with us in advance so we set up appropriately. We take your lead in how best you want to listen and evaluate.


Straightforward  and sensible, based on your requirements and experience.

We avoid some of the  HiFi  'improvements'  ...... we don't do boxes of sand, or undisclosed magic ingredients.  We hope you will discover that fidelity in sound is based on good audio engineering and design in well made products.


For you to be sure your purchase is right for you.

We are convinced that the sound quality, room correction, ease of use and appearance will work in almost every listening space. The best way to be sure is listening  in your own home.............We can arrange  for short term home loans of the active speakers, where we will delivery and set up the system and leave you to enjoy. Get in touch with us. 


Adjustment and calibration  for optimum performance in your listening space.  We will run you through the process, its relatively easy to grasp. And if you would rather we continued support as required, then that is part of our service. 


Palletised shipping is becoming more popular for heavy bulk audio items, it reduces risk of damage. Speakers are shipped to us this way. Following your purchase we will deliver, set up and calibrate, test and check your new product.

This is  part of our comprehensive service.   

Home Audition  

Active audio systems are transported to you for home listening and loans in Peli flight cases for full protection and ease of transportation. Two cases and 4 cables.  Thats all it takes.

We can supply these cases at favourable rates for the Kii Three and Dutch & Dutch 8c purchases if you require more protection. Perfect for frequent travel and longer stay trips. 

audioform    Active Audio Systems

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