The RME ADI-2 series combines class-leading conversion with a comprehensive feature set, setting a new standard for mastering-grade audio converters.


The original ADI-2 Pro model is the brain-child of RME’s Head of Design Matthias Carstens, who designed it to be his own personal AD/DA converter and headphone amplifier (after he’d continually been disappointed other offerings on the market.


An early prototype was shown at several trade shows around the world. Such was the positive feedback – with many passers-by asking “when’s it going to be available?” – the decision was made to release the device publicly, and the ADI-2 Pro quickly took the crown of RME’s best-sounding device to date.


The range has since been expanded into a selection of high-end recording and playback devices that cover a wide range of applications. Mastering engineers use the original ADI-2 Pro to handle front-end conversion duties, whilst Hi-Fi enthusiasts continue to be impressed by the ADI-2 DAC FS, for its combination of exquisite DA conversion and powerful headphone amplification.


Multi Remote Control

As previously touched on, both the ADI-2 DAC FS and ADI-2 Pro FS R come complete with RME’s brand new Multi Remote Control.

Unlike many remotes, the MRC is no mere afterthought. Versatile by design, the MRC provides buttons for standby on/off, volume, balance, bass and treble, input selection (optical, coaxial, USB), mute, on/off loudness, bass/treble and EQ. In addition, there are four programmable buttons that provide access to various functions and commands for maximum flexibility.





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