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Technology and culture often miss a connective discourse. Objectivity and Art entrenched in their own channels, scientific creativity and artistic imagination estranged from one another. 

Add to this product obsolescence and continual marketing hype leading to unsustainable levels of consumerism............ is it any surprise in this saturated market that there is so much dubious information on what is required to achieve high fidelity  sound reproduction.    


Audioform  try and look at  audio in context to design, music and culture, a collaborative  Audio-Cultural-Creativity  for a listening  focused audience who may see that satisfaction and enjoyment  is detached from consumption.

Strange  Times       27/03/20

With most cultural and musical events restricted and our freedom severely limited, listening to music at home is one pleasure still available. More time to actually listen to real records. I say this to remind music listeners of the peril that such times place on the musicians  and artists who are the providers of our pleasure: Digital platforms are still very poor deals for less well known artists and labels, not to mention new artists. Supporting smaller labels through Vinyl and CD sales is a good move for the industry.

Much that audioform would like to continue with listening sessions we are looking at other ways forward for the immediate future. We now have on-line purchasing, and we are offering extended periods where you can listen to the active speakers in your own home. We will deliver to your door, much like a courier would, leave the speakers with you and assist with any set-up questions and issues by phone.  

We must point out this service is only for the reasonably initiated  Hi-Fi enthusiast who knows there way around their own network and can make the relevant connections and adjustments: Many of you will be in this category but please do call us to run through what this entails if you are not sure.

We require  a 50% deposit that is returnable in full after 21 days if you are not satisfied with the active system of your choice. It’s a great way to get to hear the product in your own time.

Stay safe and healthy, be considerate, play music

Format      25/01/20

"The two things that really drew me to vinyl were the expense and the inconvenience" 

We are eclectic when its comes to musical genres and formats. What's important to us is good quality recordings that capture the artists/engineers intention. We tend to favour audio equipment that says it as it is;   and doesn't paint a nice picture on poor workmanship in the studio or concert hall.  Thats why many audiophiles appreciate certain labels that pride themselves on high quality recording and pressing.


Audioform tend  to focus on the digital in so far as the electronics of the activated audio systems lie within the streamed digital domain.  Although we see the  future of audio in the home as active streamed and acoustically adaptable , we would not easily part with our collection of discs (Vinyl and CD) however inconvenient.  Besides, our active audio systems  all take an analogue input.

Not so long ago vinyl  could achieve higher levels of fidelity than streaming.  A well engineered recording, a high quality  pressing  and a decent turntable and system for playback.........perfect.

When Manfred Eicher  finally  agreed to release the entire ECM catalogue  on the main streaming services in 2017,  this was, for us,  a turning point for streaming/digital dominance and market share.  Would we still take the time to pull out the album when we could find almost all ECM titles on Qobuz/Tidal,  press play, activating the auto-start function on the  system, sit back and enjoy listening. 

Music & Architecture   06/01/20

The background image used for the audioform web pages is a photo of the main Hall at the Storey’s Field Centre, Cambridge, a new Housing Village and community centre, part of the North West Cambridge Development by the University.


The scheme, by MUMA architects won numerous award and was shortlisted for the sterling prize 2018. The acoustic consultants Sound Space Vision worked on the hall giving the triple height brick and timber structure a slightly warm and full sound, good for the spoken word, choirs and small musical performances.


The use of the image of the Hall as a background is to suppose the lighting rigs are showcasing the activated audio systems we promote whilst  emphasising that Music is still a performance art. 

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