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Active speaker systems are incredibly easy to integrate within living spaces. it’s a matter of two stands, to be positioned as desired, or wall mounted if that is a preference.


The few components required as sources (Streamer/ CD/Vinyl) can be housed in purpose made furniture designed for concealed audio/visual components.  Audioform supply a range called CLIC, a well thought out HiFi furniture system that allows you to hide everything away and it has connections for tablets/iPhones and can even include concealed TV projection equipment. Its stylish functional and hugely adaptable. Flawlessly designed, made in Denmark, we can design specify and order to your exact requirements. Our listening rooms have examples.


Perfect for audio visual application where the TV speakers can be hidden from view in the cabinet

Shown here the shallow unit in dark grey with acoustic fabric doors and black aluminum stands 

Storage of LPs and books is also an option with open units

Screenshot 2020-01-11 at 20.20.43.png

All units can be wall-hung to give a super look and isolate vibration for turntable use.

Oak and walnut veneer are available in all sizes

A modular living room system, that incorporates the audio can easily be achieved

Shown here the ipod pond for flush fitting control, all units have cable management.

Beautifully at home in contemporary and historic interiors.

Clic below for an overview and have a look at the Clic website or ask us to send you a brochure by post.

Speaker Stands

Stands for speakers are important. We do not so much indulge in how  stands 'sound different'  from each other, in functional terms we look for good supporting strength, high mass and solidity. Other factors are how well the stands are made and finished, how they look with the speakers and if the design of the stand compliments the speaker so they appear as one entity.

The two active audio systems we stock (Dutch & Dutch 8c / Kii Three) are both complemented by products from a small company who manufacture high quality stands and sell directly to the customer via their website. Liedtke Metalldesign.  They already supply Kii Audio with the branded stands that come with the Kii Three stand mount, its a slightly customised version of one of their standard products. You can see we have this stand with our Demo pair of Kii Three. 

Have a look at their website link below. The models we think work well are.

Quattro Five, Reference X,  Diva Stand II Exclusive.

The depth of the D&D8c and the Kii Three is approx 400mm and so the two steel columns, one behind the other do look very good. Equally both speakers are easily supported by the single 114mm diameter column of the Quattro stand. 

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