Dutch & Dutch 8c

Completely accurate music reproduction

Dutch & Dutch are a progressive company based in the Netherlands. with a background in pro audio monitors they have have developed a new cutting edge active all in one audio system that represents their commitment to accuracy and clarity.  Experience the sensation of truly accurate music reproduction.

Completely accurate music reproduction requires more than a thoroughly optimised speaker. It requires a speaker that works together with the acoustics of the listening room. The 8c is more than just a loudspeaker. It is a unique acoustic concept, its revolutionary design is above and beyond any other system in terms of neutrality, precision, and in-room tonal balance.

The 8c’s can be adapted to the room acoustics and can be placed (very) close to room boundaries without losing performance. To achieve this, 8c’s combine a proprietary waveguide tweeter with an acoustic cardioid midrange, boundary-coupled bass drivers and active room matching. The result is superb acoustical reproduction.


The 8c active speaker system is easily accommodated with the living space and  can be used as for analogue digital and TV connections providing the perfect audiophile quality listening experience for everyone.

Besides the two bass woofers, the cardiode mid range and the wave guide tweeter, the 8c’s small footprint  holds high-end DACs, amps, and a DSP.  The system also comes with room matching and streaming capabilities out-of-the-box.  All components match each other perfectly and together deliver a “big sound” at 106 dB continuously from 35 Hz upwards, while keeping the signal-to-noise ratio very high.

In addition to balanced analogue or AES3 inputs, you can stream digital music directly to your 8c’s.

Within your LAN, 8c’s can be grouped into multiple zones. Perfectly synchronised music can then be played effortlessly in any or all zones.

"The future of loudspeaker design and engineering, arriving today" 

Mitch Barnett

Dutch & Dutch 8c Active Speaker System          £10950

Natural Oak/Black Oak/Dark Brown Oak

Black/White Baffle

A number of different stands are available. We recommend Liedtke MetallDesign stands. See our Furniture and stands page. 

The 8c also now comes in a solid black cabinet finish (Studio edition)  Please contact us for prices, which are less than the veneer cabinet version.


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