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We are particular about more than how the products sound.   We look for innovation in design by manufactures with strong reputations in quality products  and start-ups that show particular promise and flair.  We build relationships, understand the company, its people, we always visit the manufacturing/assembly plant. This way our investment in the product is secure and healthy, based on shared objectives and mutual trust. We care how things are made and who they are made by. The provenance of the product is important.


Our speakers/products are shipped direct to us from the manufacture. We prefer a direct maker/seller set-up.  Where we work with distributors we don't do multi/brand selling and we are not so keen on distributors who also sell the product themselves. We like to be freely independent  to select the products that fit our criterion and business model.  

Audioform concentrate on speakers.  They are arguably the most important component, the connective interface between the electronics and our brains .  It is the speakers drivers that interact with the spaces they are placed in.  Active audio brings together a synergy of speakers (transducers)  and amplification, this duo is the dominant factor in final sonic quality.

Consumer audio products have started to see cross-over technology from the Pro-Studio market. In the last few years this has produced some very high quality products. This is an interesting  development and the challenge to the passive audio paradigm. Our active speaker systems and electronics are used in professional studios where accurate sound quality and adjustment is essential.

Why Only These Products.

Given the sophistication of active systems, DSP and room acoustics, we take the view that it is better to know a lot about a few products that it is to know a little about many. Some products dont take much knowing, ours do: and we focus on a few so we can provide a better knowledge base, service and customer care. Sure, we may have a slower customer numbers to start, but then we are more interested in building from a quality foundation.


The First Batch 

Our first audio products are all different in their way, each has a unique design approach that provides outstanding performance and audiophile quality sound.  Active Speakers Systems are simply the best in terms of component compatibility with drivers and electronics being designed to work in optimum harmony. With the added benefits of  boundary correction and the ability to use the active system as a hub for audio and  visual inputs,  active systems bring people together to listen


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