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Welcome to audioform  we are a niche provider of active audio systems.  (our term for what are generally called active speakers)  We also sell selected passive speakers that have exceptional sound reproduction and provide an immersive audio experience.


What we do at audioform  is less about HiFi retail and more about facilitating a route to the goal of better appreciating and enjoying music through the use of  advanced audio engineering.  We do this in combination with architectural and interior design expertise, and for those just interested in high quality audio that is easy to live with  We are audio and music enthusiasts, designers and architects. 


We believe in the pursuit of progress through scientific innovation and development (in buildings and audio engineering)  Art & Nature are our inspirations. With 35 years in mainstream industry we now add audioform to our  Architectural/Design practice helping exiting and new clients achieve great sounding  musical reproduction.


How we started

Some of our clients ask about how they can integrate a high-quality audio system in their main living spaces without the complexity and expense of a high-end audio set up of multiple pieces of equipment, large speakers and cables. We have helped them do this successfully.

A couple of years ago when the KEF LS50W wireless active speaker was released we had a pair running in our main space over the Christmas period. Our guests were impressed, they were new to Roon software as well,  the combination and simplicity of  the active speakers and the ease and rich interface of Roon really worked for them.............. quality products  speak for themselves.


A  good sound system in the main living room can be sociable, and easy to live with too.

audioform    Active Audio Systems

Tel   07747 101 742     

AUDIOFORM  Tel  +44 (0) 7747 101 742  Email  info@audioform.co.uk

The Studio  12 Grange Park  Bishops Stortford . Hertfordshire . CM23 2HX

Audioform is a trading name for Arkitopos Ltd

Registered in England: Company No 10116539  |  VAT No GB336312523

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